MasterCraft X-35

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More information about the MasterCraft X-35

The X-35 wakeboard boat rentals are 23’5” long with a wide 102” beam creating room for you to entertain up to 18 people.  Speaking of entertaining, the X-35 can be optioned out to have a sink, faucet and refrigerator.  The luxury X-35 boat rental touts the infamous MasterCraft pickle fork design, originally created to supply more bow room and to give your water dwellers another entry point with its convenient bow ladder.

The X-35 ski boat rental was designed to put I/Os to shame, especially since it has been loaded up with amenities, one of which is the innovative designed MasterCraft Passenger Seat that allows the co-captain to adjust their seat to look forward or aft. The X-35 speed boat rental has a new rendition of its modified deep vee hull and that translates into a silky smooth ride without sacrificing the wake performance for wakeboarding and surfing lesson or charters.  Add in the optional surf tabs to help create a massive, tuned surf wake and take Hawaii off your surf to-do list.

The Lake Powell X-35 power boat rental comes standard with edgy graphics, tower, swiveling board racks with clamps, ballast system and the acclaimed the BIG (Boat Instrument Gauge) Screen, a beautiful, crystal clear 6” display that is more computer than gauge, allowing you to see not only typical fuel, temp, speed and cruise settings but providing a cutting edge interface to save user data (i.e. ballast and surf tabs settings) and for watching footage shot by the optional tower camera.

The X-35 tournament tow boat rentals have unparalleled storage thanks to its incredibly deep hull design which means you can fit more big stuff in your boat including additional ballast – for those who like more weight, you can option to install the plug n’ play system that is ready to use with additional ballast sacs.  No messy pumps or annoying power cords.

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