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Lake Powell Boat Rentals is the premier provider of luxury inboard competition dual purpose wakeboard boats - water ski boat rentals, guided chartered tours, and water sports lessons at Lake Powell.  We also rent Jet Skis, waverunner, sea-doo, (PWC) personal watercraft rentals, tow vehicle rentals and transportation, stand up paddle boards, and executive houseboat rentals; at all marinas in Lake Powell.  Lake Powell Boat Rentals offers only the best in power performance speed boats from MasterCraft boats, Centurion boats; Jet Skis from Yamaha and water sport equipment from Hyperlite and Liquid Force manufactures. We have tested this equipment for over ten years, and have found out why these companies are the leader in competition tournament tow boats, and watercraft rentals. Make your vacation at Lake Powell just the way you would like with all the rentals, and services Invert Sports offers.

Let’s talk about Lake Powell boat rentals; In each of our MasterCraft wakeboard boat rental models you will find only the finest quality of craftsmanship, engine power, and innovation which allows your water sport activities to become more improved, elevated, and fun as improve your skills on all motorized water sports. Each of our rented MasterCraft ski boat X-series models which include the X-1, X-2, X-15, X-30, X-Star, X-35, and X-45, are fully loaded with almost all the upgraded options, largest engine available, and are generally new models. These boats are unique for different aspects of leisure boating, tournament water sports, touring, functionality, and lake cruising. Our Centurion boat rental model includes the Centurion Elite Warrior unique for its durability, power, and slalom ski wake.

What about Jet Ski rentals, and wave runner tours at Lake Powell? What would a boating vacation be without jet skis? Lake Powell Jet Ski Rentals uses personal watercraft from Yamaha, because of their four stoke reliability, and performance these machines will make your vacation complete! Lake Powell has more than 95 canyons which take you to some of the most breath taking smooth waters, red-rock cliff canyons, hiking destinations, houseboat camps sites, sandy beaches, swimming coves, scuba diving adventures, and much more. Some of these areas require a smaller PWC or Jet Skis to get in these areas of Lake Powell. Lake Powell also offers Jet Ski, and sea doo tours from the seven marinas of Lake Powell which include; Dangling Rope marina, Wahweap marina, Bullfrog marina, Hall's Crossing marina, State line marina, Hite marina, and Antelope Point. All of these marinas are located in Utah except for Antelope point marina and Wahweap marina which are located in Page, Arizona.

One of the most visited recreational house boating lakes in the world Lake Powell is the premier leisure boat and water sport destination available. We offer private boat charters, lessons, instruction, and sightseeing tours for any occasion including; family, small business, corporate retreats, individuals, tourists, schools, and friends. Our charters consist of wakeboarding, water skiing, wake skate, wake surfing, kneeboarding, air chair, tubing, jet skiing, houseboat vacation, swimming, and sightseeing. If you’ve ever wanted to explore, visit, or ride water toys on the calm waters of Lake Powell , but are unfamiliar with the hazards of Lake Powell let use one of our professional tour guides for your vacation. The great thing about our charters; you choose all the activity’s you would like, and will take care of all the details.

For those of you who like to own your equipment Lake Powell Boat Rentals has executive fractional shared ownership with competition MasterCraft wakeboard / water ski boats, houseboats, and Yamaha jet skis at Lake Powell in Page, Arizona! This allows you to own a little piece of the best equipment available on the waters of Lake Powell. This is perfect way for those groups who love to visit Lake Powell each year on their vacation.

Lake Powell is named for Civil War veteran Major John Wesley Powell, who explored the Green and Colorado rivers in 1869 down through Grand Canyon. In August, 1869, Powell and his eight companions passed through the site of present day Glen Canyon Dam. Extending nearly one-third of a mile across from canyon rim to rim, the dam created the reservoir known as Lake Powell. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area was established by Congress in 1972, it is the home of Lake Powell. The area is comprised of 1.25 million acres. There are almost three million visitors that come to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area each year. Lake Powell is the second largest man made lake in the United States using the Glen Canyon Dam to hold all the water in. Lake Powell is 186 miles long and has 1,960 miles of shoreline, which is longer than the entire east coast of the continental United States.

There are few roads where you can get to Lake Powell, so most of it must be seen by watercraft; unless you have an ATV or four wheel drive vehicle to visit some of the areas around Lake Powell. Dangling rope marina is only accessible by boat and is 40 mile from the Wahwep Marina close to Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

Around late May, the lake's waters begin to warm and stay that way well through October with clear waters, and smooth glass for all you water sports enthusiast. While the climate is arid and humidity is generally less than 40 percent, Lake Powell is classified as a "high desert" area due to its 3,700 feet elevation. Water temperatures cool significantly in the winter around 50 degrees then rise into the high 70's in the summer. It rarely snows at Lake Powell in the winter; but if it does the contrast of the white against red-rock cliffs and blue waters makes for beautiful photographs and vacation memories.

Lake Powell which lies partly in Arizona and mostly in Utah is more than 500 feet deep in places. While Utah has most of Powell's crystal clear water, Arizona lays claim to the dam, and is home to the most traveled marina; which is the Wahweap marina located in Page, Arizona. It took 17 years, from March 13, 1963 to June 22, 1980, to fill to the planned level of 3,700 feet above sea level. Lake levels fluctuate depending on the spring runoff from the mountains and the releases needed to produce electricity from the dam's eight generators. Lake Powell's main sources of runoff come from the Escalante, San Juan, and Colorado rivers. Those who are fishermen can find striped bass, large and smallmouth bass, crappie, catfish and carp in Lake Powell. Check out other boat rentals, jet ski rentals, and watercraft rental areas including; Wakeboard boat rentals, Utah boat rentals, and Arizona boat rentals.

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