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Rent our new Aqua Lily Pad floating floam mats for your next houseboat vacation!  Try the fun kneeboard rentals and instruction for those renting or charting watercraft at Lake Powell.  A kneeboard is a board ridden in a kneeling position.  Knee boarding is riding while being towed behind a boat or jet ski on a lake, reservoir, or river.  Kneeboard riders are requred to wear life jackets for safety.  This is a great water sport to enjoy while boating.

Knee Boarding

Towing a knee boarding is an offshoot of kneeboard surfing; kneeboard riders compete tricks, and expression session events.  Towed kneeboards have a padded deck contoured to the shape of the and knees and a strap holds the rider to the board.  We carry several different brands and model of kneeboarding rentals at Lake Powell and must be rented with a watercraft rental.


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