Lake Powell Marinas

Lake Powell

Lake Powell

Lake Powell Marinas at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and the watercraft rental services offered.

Wahweap Marina at Lake Powell

The Wahweap Marina is the largest and most accessible Lake Powell marina with boat rentals and is located approximately 3 lake miles from Glen Canyon Dam and 7 land miles from the town of Page, Arizona.  The Wahweap marina is the most visited of all the marinas at Lake Powell because of the size and conveniences to the city of Page, Arizona which include groceries stores, maintenance facilities, restaurants, accommodations, hotels, watercraft rentals, and anything else you may have forgotten!  This marina has two large launch ramps one is call the State Line Launch Ramp and the other is the Wahweap Lauch Ramp.   Lone Rock is located near Wahweap marina.

The busy season is from May – October which generally requires advance lodging, boat rentals, Jet Ski rental, and other rental reservations. There are only a couple other towns that are within 95 miles of Page, Arizona including Big water, Utah about 6 miles away, then Kanab, Utah approximately 68 miles away. These cities are relatively small and not as accommodating as Page, Arizona. You can find a Wal-Mart, and small airport in Page which has scheduled flights from Phoenix, Arizona, Colorado, and sometimes Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you are traveling from Phoenix, Arizona; Page, Arizona is approximately a 5-hour drive. From Phoenix take I-17 north to Flagstaff; turn on highway 89 to Page. You will be traveling through the Navajo Indian reservation which is mostly desert area. If your are traveling from Salt lake County or Utah County take I-15 South, head east off Exit 95 toward Kanab until you hit highway 89 which will take you right to Page; total travel time is about 5.5 hours. From Las Vegas, Nevada; Page, Arizona is also approximately a 4-hour drive. Take I-15 north to St. George, Utah and turn right on Hwy 9. You will see a sign to “Zion National Park”. It will take you right into Zion. When leaving, stay on Hwy 9 until you connect with Hwy 89 at Mt. Carmel Jct. Turn right on Hwy 89 and it will lead you right into Page.

Antelope Point Marina Lake Powell

Antelope Point Marina ski boat rentals is also located in Page, Arizona as was built in 2004. This Marina has the most updated rock building facilities on the waters of Lake Powell. Accommodations at Antelope Point marina Lake Powell include; launch ramp, boat repair and maintenance, waverunner rentals, restrooms, dry-storage, fuel dock, wet boat slip rentals, trailer and vehicle parking, and great restaurants located right on the crystal clear blue waters. They do offer shuttle service to and from the marina docks making it very convenient for loading all your boating equipment. Future plans at this marina do include a resort offering hotel accommodations. The public launch ramp goes right into original channel of the Colorado River, and is located about 1/3 mile from the actual marina by car.

Traveling to Antelope Point marina Lake Powell from Page, Arizona take Coppermine Road south for 1.4 miles and turn left at State Route 98.  Travel east toward the power plant for 2.1 miles.Turn left at N22B (mile marker 299) and travel 4.5 miles to the pay entrance.  Invert Sports offers wakeboard lessons, wake skate, water ski, and wake surf charters from all marinas.

Lake Powell Bullfrog Marina

The second biggest marina on Lake Powell is the Lake Powell Bullfrog marina in Utah, and is located approximately 70 miles from Hanksville, Utah. This marina is 95 boating miles from Glen Canyon Dam. Hall’s Crossing Marina is only a 5 min boat drive from Bullfrog marina. There is a ferry called the John Atlantic Burr which you can travel between these two marinas; this ferry does allow cars, trailer, or RV’s it usually takes 20 min to cross over to the other marina. There are two small hotels on the bullfrog side. Be prepared with all your water sport gear, or anything else you may need when vacationing at the Lake Powell Bullfrog marina power boat rentals, because there are very few accommodations. Traveling to Bullfrog from Hanksville, go south on I-95 to highway 276. This highway will take you into Bullfrog Marina.  Try our Lake Powell tours to view all the beautiful scenery from Bullfrog marina.

Dangling Rope Marina Lake Powell

Located about 40 lake miles from Glen Canyon Dam is the Dangling Rope Marina Lake Powell, and from Hall’s Crossing and Bullfrog marinas it’s about 55 lake miles away. Dangling rope lake Powell marina is a stop along the way to Rainbow Bridge. There is no land access to Dangling Rope and there’s no rental houseboats, power speed boats, waverunner rental, from this marina. The marina is a fuel stop for boat travelers on their way up lake or down lake. Always fuel up when passing by this marina, it does have ice cream and basic supplies you may need.

Hall’s Crossing Marina

Hall’s Crossing Marina is 90 land miles from Blanding, Utah; located in Blanding are a number of grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, competition power boat rentals, and a chartered airplane service company offering flights into Blanding or straight to the marina. To reach Hall’s Crossing from Blanding, Utah, take Highway 95 to the turnoff at 276. The roads are well posted. You can tow a boat or trailer along this highway.

Hite Marina

Hite marina does not have many services, and is located at the very northern end of Lake Powell. There is a small marina store, but may not have the needed necessities, so please call or ask another marina if their open before you go there.


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